CATV Channel Elimination Filter

CATV Channel elemination Filter

This Filter deletes one TV channel from the CATV spectrum to allow insertion of local content, and passes all other channels. Example: deletes ch.59 for insertion of lobby camera modulated on ch.59. It is also available for QAM channel deletion applications

Adjacent channel selectivity
Stopband: > 55 dB rejection across channel
Low loss on adjacent channels (see CE7-specs)
Passband loss: <1 dB 0.5 dB ripple
1000 MHz bandwidth option (most models)
Return Loss: 16 dB typical (see graph)
It is available for chs 95(A5)-99(A1), A14 to I22, 7 to 108
for chs sub-band, 2-6, A8 - A1, A14 - I22)
(QAM version) is available for QAM chs 2 thru 6; 95(A5)-99(A1), A14 to I22, 7 to 135
Custom stopband - remove any frequency band (2 to 8 MHz wide), Fo within 120 to 700 MHz
Power passing - < 2 AMP; Good temperature stability
Temperature Compensation alignment is optional

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