Rod Core Chokes

Rod core chokes are usually used for radio interference suppression of small motors and electrical contacts,
as well as for decoupling in electronic HF and IF circuits as well as for DC/DC converters, safety systems and in automotive electronics.

The following standard values ​​are available

1.5µH, wire 0.4mm
1, 8µH, wire 0.4mm
2.0µH wire 0.4mm
2.2µH wire 0.4mm
2.7µH wire 0.4mm
3.0µH wire 0.4mm
3.3µH wire 0.4mm
3.9µH wire 0.4mm
4, 7µH wire 0.4mm

Standard core diameter 1.6mm, core length 12mm
The chokes can be manufactured as a through-hole version THT and as an SMD version

Of course, other wire gauges, inductances and core dimensions are also available on request.

Please make specific inquiries.

We look forward to your inquiry

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