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Custom Notch Filters

This Notch filters suppress a defined frequency range with high attenuation, the frequency ranges above and below the lock frequency range are transferred freely. These notch filters are characterized by a high slope and stopband attenuation and accessible within a short distance to the passage frequency ranges a high stop band attenuation.
This filters can be used for effective lockout of undesired channels or frequency ranges in cable networks / receiving equipment or for suppressing jammers such as LTE , GSM , UMTS, bad radio services ...

The filters are housed in a compact metal housing with mounting bracket and have a high screening by the special housing construction.

Product Features:
- high isolation 20dB , 40dB or 70dB
- low insertion loss
- exterem steep edge
- High return loss (high adjustment )
- precise factory calibration
- Measurement protocol included
- Connectors according to customer specification (F , IEC, 3.5 / 12 , N , SMA, BNC, TNC )
- high screening
- compact metal housing with mounting bracket
- Impedance 50 or 75 ohms
- Custom made at no extra charge

For a quote we need the following data:
Auszusperrende frequency or frequency range , locking depth

Blocking filter K27 , locking depth 40dB


Blocking filter from 119.25 to 123.75 MHz , locking depth 40dB


Sperrfilterr 98.3 MHz , locking depth 15dB


K36 - K39 blocking filter , stopband attenuation 40dB


Blocking filter K55 - K58 , stopband attenuation 40dB


K60 - K69 blocking filter , stopband attenuation 40dB


Blocking filter 390MHz , stopband attenuation 60dB


Barrier filter 791- 798MHz , stopband attenuation 60dB


FM trap circuit 6 -fold reduction for strong FM local stations
6 traps , individually tunable
Locking depth : 18dB
Tuning range : 87 -108MHz
Adjusting screwdriver supplied


Narrowband FM trap circuit to lock out unwanted FM programs
bandwidth adjustable
Locking depth : 15dB
Maximum 4 - blocking circuits combined

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